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Offering Private Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Reading 

Emma Goulding






Welcome to my website

Well done for being open to EMBRACING THERAPY and CHANGE

 - it takes courage.

When we work together, I am dedicated to getting to know you and your unique life experiences. To gain in-depth insight so we can tailor therapy that is right for YOU.

Together we can UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR PAST HAS SHAPED YOU and use that to EMBRACE NEW WAYS OF BEING. It is quite the journey!

Often very moving, profound and empowering. I have a style which offers both a warm and inquisitive approach to help you

RECONNECT with your AUTHENTIC SELF and a range of techniques which can utilise more immediate growth. 



There are many reasons that bring people to therapy and various things can be unclear at the start.

That's OK - we often expand the depth of our understanding about ourselves and change through therapy.

Therapy can help us to gain insight into parts of ourselves which we may not have conscious awareness of. Working with both the conscious mind through Counselling and the unconscious parts of the mind through Hypnotherapy for positive change.                


We can often begin to HEAL from our past experiences, as well as ENGAGE A DESIRE TO PUSH FORWARD toward personal growth and expression.

I am motivated to help you connect with your AUTHENTIC SELF and path to SELF ACTUALISATION.

Award Winning UK Training with

The Royal Berkshire College for Clinical Hypnosis, 

recognised by the Association for Professional Hypnosis

Find out more about the way I work & my experience



I integrate various forms of therapy to explore a persons conscious and unconscious mind.  All sorts of things happen through our lives and our brain can "hook in" our reaction to these at an unconscious level. Especially as children, especially if traumatic or perceived to be. The brain has a powerful response to protect ourselves yet this can often become unhelpful later in life as we develop anxieties and ingrained unhelpful  thoughts and beliefs.  

Counselling involves engaging consciously as a talking therapy with a trained therapist listening to you and helping you to deal with emotional issues, to connect more fully to your authentic self, your needs and move toward personal growth. The therapist and client can notice what may be happening at an unconscious level and work on bringing any stored emotions "up and out" into conscious awareness. Helping to alleviate any stored impact and gain more conscious control of your thoughts and life.

Hypnotherapy involves relaxing the nervous system and brain and then delivering therapeutic techniques. So that the top down attempt to filter information is bypassed – this is effective to move past ingrained patterns of thinking. Allowing a person an opportunity to be guided to think about something in a different way, to experience something more positively and with more ease. Hypnotherapy therefore allows for much faster, much more effortless and profound change. Rather than your conscious mind constantly looking down the well of what “comes up” from your subconscious mind and arguing with it to stop and to change…. There’s no need for so much work – once you access your subconscious and free it directly – you will feel freer. 

So EMBRACE the PROCESS and CHANGE NOW - it's exciting! 

Practically therapy means seeing a Therapist weekly or at regular slots either for short term or open-ended work, for as long as you would like.

This can be assessed and reviewed between client and therapist - it is your CHOICE.

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Offering Counselling in Caversham, Emmer Green, Sonning Common, Henley, Whitchurch, Sonning, Woodley, Reading. I am MBACP registered and offer counselling for children and young people, adolescents, teenagers and adults. Counselling loss, grief, bereavment, eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, chronic illness, relationship issues, family issues, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, PTSD, phobias, low mood, gender identity issues, sexual issues, sexual abuse. I counsel from Caversham, Reading. I am a therapist working in Reading. Integrative counsellor, integrative therapist, psychodynamic counsellor, person-centred counsellor, child counsellor in Reading. 


Your Experience                             Your Choice                                     Your Voice

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