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Issues I work with


Anxiety/ Worry

Inner Conflict

Relationship Difficulties

Family Breakdown

Self Esteem





Abuse - domestic, physical, sexual, emotional, racial, by family/friends, narcissistic abuse

Toxic or Dysfunctional Familial Relationships

Sexual Health, Pregnancy, Abortion

Transitions or Identity, sexuality or other


Suicidal Ideation


Difficulty remembering the Past

Weight / Body Image

Stopping smoking

Pain Management



Stress with school, work


Experiences with Autism / ADHD

Counselling and Hypnotherapy Techniques Offered


Psychodynamic Counselling – Exploring how current feelings and behaviour are shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind.

Person-centred Counselling - Offering a humanistic approach of empathy, respect and genuineness to facilitate growth and self-actualization in the present moment.

Hypnoanalysis - A Specialised Therapeutic approach that looks to Identify and Resolve the ROOT CAUSE of a particular problem. 

  • Regression to Cause – Regressing through past events to the Initially Sensitizing Event

  • Free Association – Regressing freely through events to reach secondary and initial sensitizing events – Allowing the subconscious mind to go where is needed for HEALING.

Therapeutic and Hypnotherapeutic Techniques - 

  • Ego Strengthening

  • Re-framing view of Self/ Connection to Inner Child with Compassion

  • Control room – Changing internal feelings related to control

  • Fast Phobia Cure - Dissociating from Negative Associations and Re-associating with Positive Emotions

  • Supporting Self-Hypnosis of Worries Floating Away 

  • Anchoring previously Negatively Associated Events with New Desired Emotions

  • Emotional Freedom Therapy - Tapping on Acupressure Points during Emotional Processing of Negative experiences

  • Anchoring for change in perception – i.e. Food, Body Image, Confidence and precision in Sports

  • Mirror Work for Body Image/ weight

  • Stopping smoking / vaping

  • Pain – Exploring the manifestation of pain with the subconscious mind

  • Parts Therapy for Inner Conflicts

  • Gestalt Chairs for Inner Conflicts

  • Gestalt Chairs for Relationship Difficulties

  • Past Life Regression 

  • Personalised Scripts – Uniquely Tailored Hypnosis Scripts for you to promote freedom at a subconscious level.


Other modalities such as Mindfulness, Psycho-education, Art & Play Therapy and CBT can be incorporated. 

As well as Alpha Stim - a device used world wide to effectively reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia, by modulating brain activity and stimulating cranial nerves including the Vagus Nerve.

Talking with a trained Therapist about your experiences can be useful. 

It is your choice to what extent you would like to talk and what approach feels right to you .

I offer 50-minute sessions Face to face & Online for £60.


A FREE 30-minute telephone call, an introduction so that you can consider whether you would like to pursue therapy with me & provides time to look at how we might work together.

The length of counselling work can be discussed on an individual basis and can be regularly reviewed to be the most beneficial to you.

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Offering Counselling in Caversham, Emmer Green, Sonning Common, Henley, Whitchurch, Sonning, Woodley, Reading. I am MBACP registered and offer counselling for children and young people, adolescents, teenagers and adults. Counselling loss, grief, bereavment, eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, chronic illness, relationship issues, family issues, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, PTSD, phobias, low mood, gender identity issues, sexual issues, sexual abuse. I counsel from Caversham, Reading. I am a therapist working in Reading. Integrative counsellor, integrative therapist, psychodynamic counsellor, person-centred counsellor, child counsellor in Reading. 

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